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Support our coaches and eachother!

Welcome to November 2011 Hockey Families

The season is off to a fantastic start!

Throughout the hockey season it can be very easy to judge the choices and decisions made by team staff from the stands. However not easy to volunteer the countless hours to coach and try to be positive role models, both on and off the ice, teaching these players not only hockey, but life skills.

Coaches and Team staff deserve words or encouragement and appreciation for jobs well done so far this hockey season. Sometimes decisions are based on best choice for the team vs the individual. It may not always be your family or players choice, but it is most helpful if you can avoid criticizing and instead support the hard work being done again by team volunteers.

A big challenge that faces coaches each season is molding 10, 12, 15 etc. individual players with different personalities, learning abilities and skill levels into a cohesive hockey player/team.

You each have wonderful coaching staff in Novice that is supporting each of your players, to be the best they can be. This should be celebrated. The kids seem to be progressing in a positive direction thus far.

The number one thing, that you as families need to provide to your coaching and

management staff is support, not criticism in the stands. The example is yours to make for your children, and is vital to a successful season of hockey for all.

Should there be reports to the PSMHA executive board, of parents becoming negative in the stands, causing undue disruptions within the team, or any other undesirable behaviors, disciplinary actions will be forthcoming.

This also serves also as a reminder, of the 24 hour rule that is in place for PSMHA, as well as the email policy within the PSMHA Regulations, which explains the guidelines for emailing and postings to social media such as face book.

In our PS minor hockey association, we are trying to keep our lines of communication constructive and effective, recognizing that negative and hurtful emails and postings is not healthy for anyone nor is it a good example for minor hockey players. This policy prohibits negative remarks via this electronic form of communication. Should this rule not be followed, you can expect to find yourself in a probationary situation and discipline applied. The association wants to be viewed as one that endorses good sportsmanship, integrity and respect.

History shows, 92% of the families in minor hockey feel they and their child have successful hockey seasons, with life long memories. It’s the final 8% or 1-2 families, which are sometimes, discontent and can become a negative force that pulls down others within the team.

Please do not let this 8% be your family.

Please remember: the one universal quality parents must supply is encouragement and support. Our goal in minor hockey is to have each player in a position where they can achieve success.

We trust each family and player is enjoying their hockey season thus far, and that we continue forward in a positive mind frame, and supportive attitude for all involved in this great sport.

Continue to make Lasting Memories that are wonderful for your family, player, team and community.

"Shaping character for life ... 
                                    more than a game."

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