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Online Referee System Instructions for PSMHA Referees

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Following are the mileage rates to be paid NON-LOCAL officials. Officials we use consistently are outlined in the table below. There is no longer any mileage paid to local officials.

Non-Local Officials      
  BG  WC   PB
Officials from Regina 20 15 15
Officials from Vibank 20 20 20

If you have an official from another centre, SHA’s mileage rate is 0.40 per km round trip.

If non-local official works back to back games then mileage rates are shared between two teams.


Payment of ref fees by Mgr's to refs


·         Pee Wee to Initiation - these refs shall be paid in cash prior to all games. We will be invoking a penalty if Referee's are not paid at least immediately following the game..

·         Bantam and Midget - due to referee fees being taken out of gate receipts it would be okay that the referees are paid in cash within 15 minutes from the end of the game.

·         Late payment fees would be $5 per official paid late; double the penalty if the team is unable to pay the ref within 24 hours. If any of the scheduled referees are late (arrive less than 15 minutes early) this rule is no longer in effect and the referees can be paid after the game.

Referee Scheduling


·       The Referee Scheduler will be responsible for the scheduling of referees at all levels.


·   Cancellations – less than 3 hours notice = you may be required to pay all refs.










2014/2015 Game Officials Fee Schedule




Two Ref System




Midget AA 

$70 each






Bantam AA    $60 each            $40                                           N/A      

Midget A 

Midget B


$65 each

$60 each










Midget Female AA 

$65 each






Bantam A

$55 each






Bantam B, PeeWee A & B

Pee Wee AA                

$50 each
 $55 each 








Pee Wee Rec.       N/A           N/A                                       $45/$45      

Atom A


$25 each





Atom B & C

Novice - All Tiers



$20 each

$15 each
























Attention Coaches and Managers:




The fees, in the above schedule, are based on league minimum requirements for length of games.
If these times are exceeded then the applicable rates apply and the Officials are to be compensated accordingly.









2.75 Hours

pregame skate, flood, 3 -20 stops, 2 floods



MIDGET A & B, Midget AA Female 

2.25 Hours

5 min warmup, 3-20 stops, 2 floods



Bantam A & B, Pee Wee AA, A, & B

2 Hours

5 min warmup, 3-20 stops, 1 flood 




1.25 Hours

5 min warmup, 3 -15 stops, no flood




1.25 Hours

5 min warmup, 2 -20 running time, 17 running 3 min stop, no flood


1 Hour

5 min warmup, 2 -15 running time, 17 running 3 min stop, no flood


HRI Regulation G.06:
At the start of the third period the required time will be placed on the game clock. If during the third period there is less than five (5) minutes remaining in the allotted ice time and there is more than two (2) minutes remaining on the game clock, the timekeeper will notify the referee during the first stoppage in play and the game clock will be adjusted down to two (2) minutes of stop time. The arena clock shall be deemed the official clock for the purpose of determining the end of the allocated ice time.

HRI Regulation G. 17 Regular season mercy rule:
During any regular season game if a team is ahead by 5 goals or more in the last 5 minutes of the 3rd period, the game clock shall run continuously.

HRI Regulation G.18 Playoff mercy rule:
If a team is ahead by 5 goals or more in the 3rd period, the game clock shall run continuously.
If the goal spread goes back to under 5 goals, the game reverts back to stop time.












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